Our Portfolio

Industry: Social Media


Coming Soon

Rebels is a complete social network app that connects companies with influencers. It has features that large social networks have such as chat, profiles, registrations, posts and surveys. It was built with react native and was exported for both Android and iOS.

Industry: Fintech


Coming Soon

In progress! MVP design and development for a stock trading app. Users can create their watchlist, share them, and follow the latest news of their favorite stocks.

Industry: Tourism & Bookings


Coming soon

Sixcamp is an online marketplace company that offers outdoor stays and camping experiences. It has reservation functionalities and integration to the payment system. It also has an administration system for hosts with information and statistics panels.

Industry: Aviation and Health

Royal Flying Doctor


We designed and developed an app for flying ambulances, the main purpose of the platform is to be a helpful tool for users when dealing with an emergency and deliver information about the Australian charity.

Industry: Fintech

Thinking Ants


A platform entirely created to improve Traders development. A complex system that provides trading insights, academic courses and more. Includes signal notifications through telegram and subscription payment systems like Paypal.

Industry: Agriculture



In progress! Worldwide seeds seller, looking for a new web platform that would increase sales in domestic and international markets. The platform includes features such as product comparison, contact detail depending on location, animations etc.

Industry: Gastronomy

Blimp Co-Cooking


Internal system for the first "cocooking" company in Argentina. Complete order logistics service, statistics dashboard, integration with food application systems such as Ubereats or Rappi, app for Android and iPhone and more.

Industry: Cowork



In progress! Cowork web platform that allows clients to book offices, pay their memberships and chat with other community members. As regards the admin panel provided to our client, the user can visualize information of room bookings, membership administration and the amount of hours used by each client inside their plans.

Industry: Accessibility



Tino is an app that makes the world a more accessible place for wheelchair users or people with reduced mobility. Tino allows users to register, rate accessibility conditions of places and much more. It is available for iOS and Android.

Industry: Agricultural Industry



AllSeeds is an Argentinian seed and biotechnology company that provides logistics, processing, and other professional services for the agro sector. We developed the company’s website which main feature is the integration with the biggest seed exchange in Argentina.

Industry: Perfume

Antonio Banderas

Coming Soon

We developed the launch campaign for Antonio Banderas's latest perfume, “The Icon” in Argentina. The development consisted in a web application running a roulette-style game that customers could access through a QR code placed on stores. The application's main focus was to gather information about participants for later use in future marketing campaigns.

Industry: Metallurgical Industry

Metalurgica Roma

Coming Soon

Metalurgica Roma S.A. is a Metallurgical company based in Cordoba, Argentina. They approached us because they needed to standardize internal processes to pass Toyota’s certification requirements. As a result, we developed an internal web application integrated with their ERP and CRM consisting of several modules that provide support and automatization in line with industry’s standards.